Our Story 2

Jackie’s last litter was born in 2002.  As I had in the meantime imported Gerian Sunpure (Spike) from Gee McEntee’s kennel in England - again in order to further refresh the blood in my breeding – I decided to use him on Jackie. Spike is by Gerian Sunset ex champion Gerian Sunsilk and he excels in expression. From this mating I have kept Sea Dreamer’s Once upon a Time (Lucy).

She has been very success-ful on the shows so far gaining 2 CAC , 2 CACIB , 4 reserve CAC’s, 2 res. CACIB’s 1 junior CAC, Jugendsiegerin  and 3 BOB with 2 BIS.
And we had also the chance to have the lovely Gerian Elsette Foxy Lady at our home .

 We also had Antique Gold du Clos de Seawind in our kennel , he stayd for 2 years , to bring us new blood. 

From the same kennel we  also had CH Cerutti du Clos de Seawind.

It is this line that I am very much interested in as it is renowned for it’s sound construction and movement.

The blues and tris

My first blue litter was born on 13-4-1991.  I mated Mybern’s Mary Bloo (Misty) to Lynway Scooby Doo (a Sandknocker son). I choose Scooby Doo not only for his interesting pedigree but also because of his pitch-black colour and superb head and
Sea Dreamer’s Idle Gossip (Snoopy)

outstanding expression. Five tricolours and one blue merle bitch were born. Sea Dreamer’s Innocent Abroad (Mark) went to Myrna Shiboleth’s Netiv Ha’ayit kennel in Israel where he became champion. To become very influential from this litter was Sea Dreamer’s Ivory Tears (Dafne) who went to Anke Blommers (Malouine). Anke still breeds blues that trace back to Dafne. From this line Anke has produced outstanding blues most of which with lovely blue colour. I kept the only blue Sea Dreamer’s Idle Gossip (Snoopy), also very well coloured.


Snoopy was mated to champion Emryks Phantom of the Night (Woody). From this litter Sea Dreamer’s Rhapsody in Blue along with the afore mentioned Handsome Dutch Boy moved with Jolanda and Dick de Groot to Canada where she as well gained the Canadian title. Like her mother she was very well coloured.

Champion Emryks Phantom of the Night (by Champion Kourika Mantika at Troydon ex Emryks Love in the Mist) was bought in partnership with Anke Blommers.
We both felt he would be an asset to our blue breeding. With Malouine’s Stray Cat Blues (Champion Amalie Best Bitter ex Malouine’s Witchy Woman in turn by Troydon Total Recall ex Sea Dreamer’s Ivory Tears) Woody produced Inamorata so Lovely of the Unicorn. This blue bitch turned out to be the most successful blue in the Dutch show scene during 2000. Her results and those of several others made Woody Top Stud dog of the year 2000.

Breeding blues I found that my true love is for the sables. Apart from that it takes twice as much breeding animals in order to breed all colours and since we are only a small kennels with just a few litters every year I have decided to focus on sables. I adore outstanding blues but I rather prefer to leave the challenging task of breeding them to those who have got the time, the space, the dogs and the guts to do so…

As explained above I imported Ted in order to widen the base of my sable breeding. Highland Chief is a son of Golden Heritage from Aaronwell ex Silvermoor’s Barley Sugar. I have always been keen on the lines behind these dogs and wanted to incorporate them in my own breeding. Being a dark sable Ted can produce tricolours as well.  He has successfully been used by a lot of other breeders all over Europe.

Christine Bisconte (Marecages du Prince) used Ted for her champion bitch Great Satin Doll des Marecages du Prince. From this litter the tricolour champion Qunadoo Roi des Marecages du Prince who at present lives in Germany with Marion Sponholz (Moormaids) is also being used in blue breeding thus introducing Ted’s sable lines into the blues.

Martina Wurfel (von Belvedere) mated her champion New Line von Belvedere to Ted. Their champion son Sir Henry von Belvedere in turn is producing quality offspring. Fam. Tvetkov (Old Golden Gates) did very successful combinations when using Ted on Westoak Felicity and her mother Brilyn Black Pearl at Westoak. From the mating with Black Pearl they ran on Old Golden Gates Chocolady. This litter in fact was awarded Top Litter 1998 in the Ukraine for the most successful and outstanding mating with a sire from abroad!
Carla Harper (Harper’s Field ) used Ted on her lovely bitch Matai What’s That .
From this litter she kept CH Harper’s Field Xeltic Lord of the Dance at Gerian(Duncan). Duncan was in England at the Gerian kennel of Gee Mc Entee where he won 3 CC and is English Champion.

Raymonde Bergmann ( Wizard’s Castle) used Ted on Matai Sheer Magic , from this litter Yours Truly of Wizard’s Castle went to Polen and became a Polisch Youth Champion and Polish Champion.

The Future

As explained I have decided to focus on sables completely.

At present we own 7 collies that all live a pet life with us. Our litters are born in the kitchen and we raise the puppies within our daily household, as we strongly believe their characters to benefit the most from this procedure. I pick my puppies at about seven weeks old. I very much fancy a well constructed collie being slightly longer than it’s height – certainly never square – and with good reach of neck!

I would like to thank  Ruud Santen ( Mountbatten ) who helped me with this article !!!!

Linda Berghout-Snijder

Sea Dreamer’s Rough Collies